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saughten v.
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(a) To make peace, be conciliated, be reconciled; ~ with, make peace with (sb.), become reconciled with; also, make peace by means of (tools of peace) [1st quot.]; (b) to conciliate (a land), pacify; reconcile (sb., sb. and sb. else); ~ with, reconcile (sb.) with (sb.); (c) to agree upon (a choice) [ult. derives from an error for senden v.]; (d) ppl. saughting as adj.: agreeable, conciliatory.
Ppl. saught: (a) in phrases: ben saught, i)worthen saught, to be reconciled; become reconciled; also, be sexually satisfied [quot.: a1475]; also, as pred.adj.: in agreement, in accord, at peace, reconciled; satisfied, content; also, agreeable [last quot.]; (b) as adj. in other constructions: reconciled, at peace; also, compliant [quot.: c1390]; also, of winds: calm [quot.: a1393]; maken saught, to bring (two people) to accord, reconcile; maken saught with, reconcile (sb.) with (sb.); setten saught, set (oneself, sb.) at peace, conciliate; sufferen saught, ?permit (sb. to be) set free; ?permit (sb. to be) kept at peace (in prison).