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rēd n.(1)
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(a) Advice, counsel; also, teaching; also, a suggestion, piece of advice; ~ bore [OE rǣd-bora], ~ man [cp. redes-man n.], a counselor; ~ wise, wise in counsel; (b) after (mid, of, thurgh) ~, in accordance with advice; after (at, bi, mid, thurgh) ~, in accordance with (someone's) counsel; (c) asken ~, to seek counsel; ask (sb.) for advice; ask advice (of sb. or a god); nimen (taken) ~, get advice; get advice (from sb.); (d) don (bi) ~, taken ~, to follow counsel; follow (someone's) advice; nimen ~, follow counsel; don after (at) ~, follow (someone's) advice; ben at ~, abide by a counsel; don in ~, commit (sb., oneself) to (someone's) advice; don out of ~, act without (someone's) counsel; (e) yeven ~, to give advice; give (sb.) advice, advise (sb.); reden ~ [see also reden v.(1) 8a.(c) & (d)]; nimen (ireden) ~, ben in ~, give advice; geten (rechen) ~, give (sb.) advice; setten ~, ordain counsel for (sb.); yeven to ~, give as advice.
Urging, persuasion; exhortation; temptation, instigation; don mi ~, to accede to my persuasion.
Bidding; a command, decree.
(a) A resolve, decision, purpose; also, firmness of purpose [quot.: a1400]; hit is no ~, it serves no purpose; (b) nimen (taken) ~, to make a decision; also, follow one's own will [quot.: Body & S.(5)]; inimen (itaken) ~, make a decision; i)finden ~, work out (a decision); (c) drauen (itaken, nimen, taken, yeven) to ~, to make a decision; refl. nimen (taken) to ~; (d) turnen ~, to change (one's) mind; cause (someone's) mind to change; (e) decision-making, governance.
Opinion; judgment; judgment of a court; haven ~, to believe, suppose.
(a) Permission, assent, agreement; taken to ~, to agree; (b) at (of) on ~, in ~, on o ~, in agreement; with on ~, with one agreement; with bothe here ~, with assent of both of them; bi here (theire) bother ~, etc.
(a) A course of action, way of proceeding; a plan, design; also, a well-advised policy [quot.: c1400]; (b) don (to) ~, to follow a course of action or plan; ben to ~, participate in a course of action; (c) don (reden) ~, to devise a plan; taken til (turnen to) ~, adopt a course of action; nimen (cacchen, inimen, itaken, taken) ~, nimen to ~, ben bi ~, adopt a plan or course of action; refl. nimen (taken) to ~; (d) connen ~, to know a plan or course of action; connen (knouen, witen) no(n ~, have no course of action, be at a loss; ben no(n ~; ben (sen) non other (no bettre) ~; (e) oute of (wil of, withouten) ~, uncertain what to do, at a loss, bewildered; (f) what is to ~, what is a possible or an advisable course of action; -- also with dative of interest; what (to) ~, what to do.
(a) Plot, conspiracy; taken ~, to plot (to do sth.); (b) private thoughts.
Lot, fortune; occurrence, event; situation, state; ivel ~, misfortune.
(a) Something advisable, expedient, or helpful; benefit; assistance, support; don ~, to do a favor; help (sb.); (b) means of recovery, remedy, relief; rescue; don ~, to provide a remedy; give (sb.) relief or means of recovery, rescue (sb.); (c) medical treatment, cure; (d) salvation, redemption; (e) helper, supporter; (f) reward.
(a) Consultation, deliberation; techen to ~, to take (sb.) into confidence; clepen to ~, call (sb.) into a consultation; drauen (nimen) to ~; (b) taken (nimen) ~, to consult; nimen to ~, consult; -- also refl.; refl. taken to ~, consult; (c) pondering, consideration; (d) regard; nimen ~ to, taken ~ of (to), to have regard for (sth.); (e) meeting, council; gathering; (f) ?counselor.
(a) Wisdom, prudence, judgment; what is wise or sensible [quot.: Owl & N., 1st]; ~ purs, a bag of wisdom, one's store of good ideas; mad of ~, dumbfounded; connen ~, to be wise; setten ~, direct (one's) wisdom (to do sth.); (b) skill, ingenuity; (c) theol. one of the seven gifts of the Holy Ghost, counsel.
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