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recoveren v.(2)
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Note: Cp. recuren v.
(a) To recover from sickness, injury, etc., regain health; of a bodily part: regain normal functions; ~ of, recover from (an illness); (b) ben recovered, to recover from illness or injury, be cured or restored to health; ben recovered of, recover from (an illness, a wound); also fig.; (c) to come to life again, revive; ~ of, revive from (a swoon); ben recovered, of nature or the physical world: flourish again; (d) to recover from (illness, sin, adversity); (e) to regain ground in battle, rally; restore oneself (to a certain state); ~ ayen.
(a) To regain (a bodily organ, faculty, one's strength, health, etc.); of a bodily part: regain (a function); of a stone: recover (a power or efficacy); ~ ayen; (b) to revive (good works); (c) to restore (sb. to health); restore (a horse) to health; refl. cure oneself, restore oneself to health.
(a) To relieve (sb.) from distress; of Christ: redeem (mankind); ben recovered, recover from lovesickness or mental disorder; be relieved (of distress); (b) to relieve (distress, sorrow, etc.), alleviate; (c) to compensate for (deficiency); recover (loss); rectify (folly, misdeeds); (d) to help (sb.); save (one's life, a city, kingdom); refl. help oneself.
(a) To regain possession of (sth.); reclaim (the body of a battle casualty); win back (a kingdom, castle, etc.), regain (paradise, the Holy Land, the Jewish temple); regain control of (people); of a hart: grow back (horns that have been shed), regain (fat that has been lost); of a serpent: grow (a new skin); ~ ayen; (b) to regain (honor, knowledge, grace, happiness, etc.), recover; ~ ayen.
Law To obtain recompense for injury or wrong; recover or collect (damages, land, property, offerings, etc.) by legal action, regain (possession of property); recover (a sum of money in damage or surcharge from sb.).
(a) To return (to a place), retreat; ~ ayen; (b) to return to (a thing or place); (c) to deliver (a second blow), repeat; (d) of a bird: to repeat (its song).
(a) To rise or get up after a fall; ~ ayen; (b) to raise or hold (sb.) up; refl. raise oneself up, get up.
To obtain (sb. or sth.), acquire (happiness, health, etc.); win (a region or kingdom); of a bird: acquire (its mate).
(a) To gain the upper hand, become dominant, prevail; ~ ayen, regain one's position; ~ on, prevail over (sb.), overcome; ben recovered, become or grow strong; (b) to prosper; fare well in love.
(a) To reach (a place), arrive at; get back into (a saddle); ~ to, attain (wealth); (b) refl. to go or flee (to a place).
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