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ō̆n num.
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Note: Cp. ton pron. & adj.
As noun [remaining uses are adjectival]: (a) the number one, the numerical value of one; also, oneness, unity; (b) a written figure one; (c) the first day of the week or month; ~ of the clokke, one o'clock.
(a) In contrast with two, thre, etc.: one; of ~ harm two, to turn one harm into two; (b) first; parti ~, first part.
(a) One, only one, a single; at ~ char, at a single turn, all at once; mid ~ word, at a word ~, with a single word; (b) ones daies whil, one day's time; ones manes gilt, one man's sin; ones trees wastem, the fruit of one tree; (c) in compound numbers; ~ and twenti, ~ and thritieth, etc.; (d) with neg.: not even one, not a single; man never ~, no one at all; on ~ wise, in any manner at all; etc.; (e) in proverbs.
In phrases: (a) but ~ word, just a word, briefly; ~ short word, the idea in a nutshell; (b) but ~, ~ bare, ~ sole, ~..al-one, ~..and, only one; (c) but ~, savinge ~, except one; (d) in) ~ steven, with one voice, in unison; (e) al here ~ assent, the consent of all of them; as ~ man, as one man; at ~ assent, unanimous; of ~ accord, unanimous(ly; of ~ mod (wille), of one mind, united; with (bi, of) ~ assent, with ~ accord, all together, unanimously; ben ~, to be in agreement, be united; ~ entente, one purpose; ~ herte, ~ soule, ~ spirit, ~ wille; (f) of) ~ dai, for the space of one day; ones nightes, sufficient for one night; ~ night, for the space of one night; on ~ dai, in a single day; ~ single, one single; (g) ~..~ (other, one..another (other); (h) the (that, this) ~, his (hire, thin) ~; (i) ~ thing, one thing or object; one matter, one point.
Modifying a whole formed by the union of two or more persons or things; ~ bodi, ~ flesh, ~ chirche, ~ unite, etc.
Theol. (a) Three in one, the Trinity; ~ god, ~ fader, ~ being; thre ~, Trinity; (b) ~ god, Crist as true God and true man; (c) modifying divine attributes: ~ might, ~ wisdom, etc.
(a) To the exclusion of all others, only, alone; ~ drighten, the Lord only; maiden(es ~, only maidens; him (himself) ~, him (himself, itself) alone; also, all to himself [quot.: Lay.]; that ~, that alone; here ones dol, only the share allotted to themselves; here ones song (yong), the song (going) of themselves alone; thei thre ~, only those three; thurgh his ones deth, by the death of himself alone; ich (me, thou, the, he) ~, etc.; (b) in particular, especially; for him ~, especially for him; (c) unaccompanied, by oneself (itself, themselves), alone; him (hire, hem) ~, by himself (herself, themselves); bi him (hit, hem, theim) ~, etc.; bi hem-self ~, by themselves; also, separately [quot.: c1425]; we ~ two, we two by ourselves; bi theim ~ two, they two by themselves; ben ~, to be alone; (d) unaided, by oneself; he (him) ~, he (himself) unaided; hire ~, by her own unaided efforts; hit ~, it alone, it unaided; bi hit ~, by its own power; with his honde ~, with his single hand; with (mid) his ones might, by the power of himself alone; with his ones wit, by the intellect of himself alone; ben ~, to be unassisted; leven ~, leave (sb. to do sth.) unaided; thou ~, bi your-self ~, etc.
(a) Same, one and the same; at) ~ time, at the same time; of ~ heu, ones blees, of uniform color; ones lordes men, servants of the same master; ones weies, in the same direction; ~ and the same; (b) equal; (c) constant, unchanging; ~ stat, ~ kin stat, the same unchanged condition.
(a) A certain; at (on) ~ time, ~ char (sele, time), on a certain occasion, one time; ~ time, at one time, formerly [quot.: 1429-30]; ones kinnes, a certain kind; (b) with personal names: one, a certain; ~ arthur, one Arthur, a man named Arthur; ~ bernulf, one Bernulf, a certain Bernulf.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1400(a1325) Cursor (Vsp A.3)3584 : Mast of an.
  • a1450-1509 Rich.(Brunner)943 : Al with on þey gretten þe kyng.
  • Note: New phrase
  • a1425 *Medulla (Stnh A.1.10)16a/b : Compassius: vnfedyng [StJ-C: compascins: off on fedyng; Hrl 2257: compicuus: of o fedinge; Cnt: compascuus: id est communis ad pascua].
  • Note: Other MSS suggest this = ō̆n num. (& vn is error form there) plus fẹ̄ding ger., but the Stnh reading may = a gerund comb. on-feding--per REL
    Note: Prob. error for (of) on feding [transl. of L compascuus, of common pastures or common feeding places].--per RNM

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1475(c1450)?Scrope Mirror World (Bod 283) 8979 : Al wee be wesshyn with oo wesshyng, the whiche was with the precious bloode of Criste Iesus, and bought aʒeyne with on only moneye.
  • Note: Editor points out that the idiom 'on only' is not recorded by MED. Cf. OED one, adj., n., and pron. II. Emphatic uses. Sense 3. b. 1484 Caxton tr. G. de la Tour-Landry Bk. Knight of Tower: 'ne say one onely word'.
    Note: ?New sense

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?c1400(1379) *Treat.Uroscopy (Roy 17.D.1)f.6vb (1.2) : Þis forsaide descripcioun of vryn þat Gilbert ʒeueþ accordeþ wel to þe diffinycioun þat Ysaac and Theophile ʒeuen (diffinicioun and descripcioun ar al one to say).
  • a1425 *Treat.Uroscopy (BodeMus 187:Harvey)f.3v (1.3) : Blak colre & melancolie ar al one.
Note: Additional quots., or ?new phr., sense 8. Editor's gloss: al on(e), phr. 'all one, the same'; ar ~ to say (seyn) 'mean the same'.