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lǒven v.(1)
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(a) To feel affection or friendship for (sb., an animal), love; also, show love to (sb.), behave lovingly toward; (b) ~ hem, to love each other or one another, be or become friends; ~ hem togeder; ~ the (you, him, hem) self, love thyself (yourself, himself, themselves); ~ everi (oure) other, each (of us) love the other, love one another; everi (man) ~ other; (c) ppl. loved as adj.: loved, beloved; loved of (with), loved by (sb.); (d) ppl. loved as noun: a beloved, a friend.
(a) To love (God, Christ), worship and obey; (b) ppl. loved, beloved (Christ); lovinge, having love for (Christ); ~ and leven, leven and ~, bileven and ~ in, to love and believe in (God, Christ); ~ and dreden (douten), love and fear; ~ and folwen, love and obey; ~ and liken, love and take pleasure in; ~ and trusten, love and trust; (c) to love or serve (a pagan deity); (d) to love (one's king, lord, or master), be loyal to and serve; ppl. loved, loved as a ruler or master.
(a) To feel the emotion of love; behave in a loving manner; ~ togeder, togeder ~, love each other or one another; ~ with, ben loved with, love (sb.); (b) ppl. lovinge, as adj.: loving, affectionate, kind, friendly; (c) ppl. lovinge, as noun: one who loves or is loved, a friend; -- often used of Jesus.
(a) To love (sth.), be attached to or fond of; love (wealth, the world, a thing, place, soul, dead body, etc.); also, desire (sth.); ~ name, love [?praise; cp. loven v. (2)] the name (of sb.); (b) to enjoy (sth.) with the senses, take pleasure in (clothes, food, smells, musical instruments, etc.).
(a) To love (an action, a practice, a way of life); be emotionally attached or attracted to; also, look forward with pleasure to (an event), desire (someone's coming); as me lovede tho, as one liked it then, as was then the custom; (b) to enjoy (an action, amusement, a practice, sport, sin, etc.) with the senses; delight in (an action, etc.); (c) med. & surg. ben loved to (of), of a remedy or treatment: to be approved by (sb.), be highly regarded by (sb.).
(a) To love (life, death, a quality, condition, virtue, vice, etc.); ~ name, care for (one's) reputation; (b) to love (laws, a religion); ~ wille, wish to follow (one's own) will or desire.
(a) To love (to do sth.), enjoy (doing sth.); wish (to be or do or have sth.); desire (that sth. be or be done, that one might do sth.); (b) in Biblical translation: be zealous for (sth.); be zealous; ~ for, be zealous for (God).
(a) Of the parts and elements of the universe: to cling together in harmony; ~ togederes; (b) of plants: to grow well in (sth.), thrive on (sth.).
(a) To love (sb. of the opposite sex), love (one's husband, wife, mistress, etc.); also, show affection for (sb.), behave lovingly toward; also, make love to (sb.), copulate with (sb.), etc.; (b) ~ life, to love (a living person); ~ paramour(s, love (sb.) with sexual love; also, have sexual relations with (sb.); also fig.; ~ togeder, have sexual relations with (sb.); (c) used without object: to be in love, make love; also, have intercourse; ~ paramour(s; ~ togeder(es, be mutually in love, make love together, have intercourse; ~ samen, have a sexual relationship together; -- used fig.; (d) ~ love, to feel love; make love; (e) ppl. lovinge, loving, amorous; ppl. loved, loved, beloved; as noun: one who is loved.
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