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lī̆st(e n.(2)
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Border, edge, rim; hem; band, stripe.
(a) A narrow strip along the edges of a piece of fabric, selvage; a band or thread woven in fabric to mark the end of a piece of cloth; also fig.; (b) the selvage or waste part of fabric cut off and used for various purposes; a trimming or strip of cloth; binding, tie; girdle, bandage; (c) naut.?a rope used in the rigging of a ship.
A specification, list of particulars [?on a strip of vellum].
In pl.: territorial limits, boundaries; the ~ of the lift, the lower regions of the air.
(a) In pl.: barriers enclosing an area for military exercises, jousting, etc.; palisades, fences; also, palisades outside the main defenses of a fortified place [quot.: RRose]; double (fals) listes, barriers parallel to and outside of those enclosing the combat area; (b) in sg. & pl.: the immediate vicinity of such barriers; edges of the combat area; sidelines of a battlefield; (c) usually pl.: an enclosed area used for military exercises, jousting, etc.; lists, arena; area of combat, battlefield; armed for listes, armed for combat; within listes, in the lists; in listes, in the lists, in combat, in battle.

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Note: Med., etc., see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. list.