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kīnd(e adj.
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Note: Cp. ikinde adj.
(a) In accordance with the ordinary course of nature, natural; ~ vertu of lif [see vertu]; (b) of bodily functions: normal, healthful; ~ colre [see colre 1b. (a)]; ~ hete [see hete n. (1) 3. (c)]; (c) innate, instinctive, characteristic; (d) required by nature, appropriate, suitable, proper; (e) of mental powers: native, inborn; ~ wit (craft, knouinge, skil, understondinge), natural reason (capable of discriminating useful from harmful, good from evil, of guiding conduct and constructing a natural philosophy); also, in a rudimentary way, as possessed by animals; also, the natural wisdom derived from the exercise of this faculty; ~ witted, possessing kind wit [see Quirk, JEGP 52.182-8].
(a) Native; ~ lond (contre, nacioun, place, stede), native land (country, place, etc.); ~ man, a native; ~ name, (one's) own name; (b) inherent, real, genuine; (c) unadulterated, uncontaminated, pure, complete; ~ caitif, utter fool; (d) required by customary order, prescribed.
(a) Having rights by birth, legitimate, lawful; ~ heir [see heir 1. (a)]; ~ heritage, lawful inheritance; ~ lord, lord by right of birth; also, true lord, lawful lord, i.e., God; also, accustomed master; right of ~ birthe, birthright; (b) related by kinship, akin; ~ blod, kinsfolk; ~ eldre, ancestor; (c) hereditary.
(a) Having normal affections or disposition, well-disposed towards one's kin; also, dutiful, obedient; fig. of the heart and lungs; (b) concordant with the natural moral law, lawful, moral; (c) customary, normal.
(a) Benevolent, loving, affectionate, kind; (b) pleasing, acceptable, pleasant; of weather: favorable; of land: rich, fertile; (c) of medicine or medical treatment: ?excellent; (d) grateful; ~ to (for), grateful for (sth.).
(a) Generous, gracious, noble; (b) honorable, constant, faithful, true; (c) brave, courageous, spirited; (d) wellborn; of ~ blod, of gentle birth; (e) generously inclined (to do sth.), well-disposed.

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  • a1450 Treat.Horses (Sln 2584)121/490 : Ded flesche oþer-while engendereþ in wondes & in apostemes if so be þat kynde helpe & skilful be not don þer-to.
  • Note: Add to 5.(c)--per REL