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hurten v.
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(a) To injure (sb., a part of the body), wound, hurt; afflict (sb.) with disease [quot.: WB(1), Pecock]; of hunger: to pain (sb.); ben hurt, be wounded or injured; -- also intr.; (b) to receive an injury in (one's hand, foot, neck), hurt (one's hand, etc.); refl. injure oneself; (c) ppl. hurting, injurious; p.ppl. hurt, as adj.: wounded, injured; as noun: wounded men.
(a) To do harm other than bodily injury to (sb.); make trouble for (sb.), injure (sb.) in reputation, hurt (sb.) financially; (b) to grieve (sb.), hurt the feelings of, humiliate; ~ eres, shock or offend (one's) ears; ~ herte, grieve (one's) heart, hurt (one's) feelings; wound (sb.) with love, make (sb.) lovesick; -- also intr.; (c) to hurt (sb.) spiritually; injure (the soul).
(a) To damage (sth.); (b) ppl. hurt, as noun: damaged land or fertility; (c) to impair (a mental faculty or bodily function); spoil (good intentions); impair (a will, legal gift, the execution of justice).
(a) To stumble; ~ at (on, upon, to), stumble over or against (sth.), bump into; (b) to charge against (sb.); beat or dash against; ~ to, rush to (a place); ~ unto, crash into (sth.); (c) ~ to, to touch upon (subject matter), come to (a division of a book).
(a) To thrust or shove (sb. or sth.); knock (sb.) down; ~ of, thrust away (dogs), drive off; ~ adoun, overthrow (sb.); ppl. hurt, those who are cast down, the fallen; (b) to run (a ship) aground; (c) to knock (things) together; of wrestlers: knock (heads); ~ togeder; ~ on (upo), knock (sth.) against (sth.).