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hǒus-bō̆nd(e n.
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(a) A male spouse, married man, husband; also fig.; (b) alch.?sophic sulphur.
(a) The master of a house, paterfamilias; the male head of a household, householder; also fig.; (b) a man in charge of something, keeper, overseer, household manager, steward; also fig.; (c) an inhabitant, resident; also, a host.
(a) A bondman, villein; also, a customary tenant who has a holding of land in addition to the croft land attached to his homestead [see DOST]; (b) ~ lond, the holding of a housbonde tenant [see DOST]; (c) a tiller of the soil, husbandman, farmer; also, a rustic; ~ toun, ?a farm, ?a country village.