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grouen v.
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(a) Of seed, grain: to germinate, sprout; grow to be plants; also fig.; (b) of plants, fruit, flowers, etc.: to spring up, develop from seed; of persons: grow from the ground like plants; also fig.; --?also impers. [quot.: a1400]; (c) of flowers, fruit, grain, etc.: to be produced on a plant, be borne on a stalk; also fig.; (d) of bodily parts, growths, etc.: to grow on the body, develop, appear; (e) of persons: to be born or produced; (f) of wines: to be produced or made; (g) to produce (new flesh), cause to grow.
Of conditions, emotions, sickness, a right, a number, etc.: (a) to originate, arise, come about, begin; (b) ~ fro (of, out of), to be derived from (sb. or sth.), be caused or brought about by (sth.); result from (a mathematical operation); (c) ~ to (toward), to come to (sb.), befall; be due to (sb.).
Of money, goods, revenues, profits: to come, proceed; ~ of, proceed from (a source), be derived from; ~ to (unto), come to (sb.), accrue to, fall to, belong to (sb.).
(a) Of plants: to thrive, flourish; ~ and blouen; of land, gardens: be productive, fertile; ~ grene, be verdant, flourish; grene grouen, verdant; (b) ppl. i)grouen, of places: covered (with growth of plants, trees, flowers, etc.); (c) of persons: to prosper; also fig.
To increase in size by physical growth: (a) of plants, fruit, etc.; also fig.; ~ dounward, to develop toward or near the ground; ful(li grouen, fully developed, mature, ripe; (b) of persons or bodily parts; ppl. groue(n, allowed to grow; -- said of hair or beard; large (wel) grouen; (c) grouing lif, the faculty or capacity for physical growth; (d) gret grouen, of a spear; ?made large, ?made from a sapling grown large.
(a) Of living beings: to increase in number, multiply; fig. of evils, vices: to multiply; (b) of a number: to increase.
(a) To increase in age, become older; ~ in age, be advanced in years; ppl. grouen (up), grown-up, adult; (b) to advance spiritually; ~ into, attain to (a state or condition); (c) to become stronger; increase in intensity, power, or effectiveness; of disease: grow worse; ~ dounward, of a sore: decrease, subside; (d) of commodities: to increase in price; (e) of the moon: to wax; of the sea: to swell; of night: become longer; (f) ~ to, to add to (a condition), enhance.
(a) Of plants, grass, leaves, etc.: to be alive; grow (in a place), exist, be found; of colors: be found (in a place); aboven grouing, growing on the land; (b) of living beings, souls: to exist, live; ~ in grace, be in a state of grace or blessedness; (c) of things, odors, grace: to be (in a place or person), be situated; be present, exist.
(a) To become (bright, old, soft, etc.); ben grouen, become (rich, intense); (b) ~ to (in), to turn into (sth.); ben grouen into, be changed into (sth.); (c) ~ togeder to, ben grouen ayen to, of the head: to grow back onto (the body, neck); ben grouen in, of the heart: be attached to (sb.); togedres ~, of bodily fluids: to clot.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1450 ?C.d'Orl.Poems (Hrl 682)157/4671 : Where as y fonde a benche of mosse & gras So moche y-growe and eek so verry soft That it was lijk a Carpet as me thought.
  • Note: Postdates sense
    Note: 3.(b)