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gaderen v.
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(a) Of people: to come together, assemble, congregate; meet, have a meeting; ~ abouten, ~ unto, crowd around (sb.), surround; (b) refl. to come together, assemble; ~ samen, ~ togedere; (c) to bring (people) together in one place or company; muster (an army, a navy), summon (a council, parliament); ~ a wrestlinge, get a crowd together for wrestling matches; ~ out of, select (sb.) from among (others); ~ togedere; (d) ben gadered, to be assembled, be in one place or company; ben gadered to fadres (peple), be gathered to (one's) forbears, die.
(a) To gather (things, birds, etc.), bring together; pick up; ~ up; amass, collect, store up; ~ of, collect some of (sth.); (b) to collect (materials for a literary work), compile (literary material); collect (examples or instances), collect (lies).
(a) To gather (flowers, herbs, etc.), pick (fruit), mow (grass), harvest (grain); cut (a staff); of an ox: feed on (grass); (b) to catch (fish); fig. win (love, one's heart), gather (spiritual food).
(a) To seek wealth, be covetous; accumulate (wealth), lay up (treasure); also fig.; ppl. gadering, grasping, greedy; (b) to collect (taxes, tithes, tribute, rents, fees, dues, etc.); (c) ppl. as n. gadered, accumulated wealth.
(a) Of dew, sweat, etc.: to accumulate; --also refl.; (b) of wind: to absorb (moisture); of a vial: collect (liquid); of a cave: trap (wind); (c) to acquire or produce (sth.); ~ venesoun, become fat; (d) fig. of an emotion: to increase gradually.
(a) To acquire (knowledge, wisdom, virtue); gather (facts, ideas); remember (one's sins, one's thoughts); (b) to collect (oneself, one's strength, thoughts); get (someone's attention); ~ herte, take heart, regain control over (one's) thoughts or emotions; ~ wind, recover one's breath.
(a) To conclude (sth.), infer, understand; (b) amass evidence to prove (a point).
(a) To unite (persons or things), join together, combine; refl. enter into a union, unite; ~ togedere(s; (b) ppl. gadered, collected in a sum, added; (c) gadering togedere, of a term: comprehensive; gadered name, ?a compound term, ?a comprehensive term.
Cook. (a) To work (a paste or thick liquid) back toward the center of the mass; ~ awei, remove (grease); (b) ~ colour of, to take on the color of (a coloring agent).
(a) Anat. & surg. To draw (body heat); ~ out, remove (fragments of a stone); ~ togedere, contract (the ends of veins); (b) med. & surg. of a wound or sore: to fester, come to a head, suppurate; ~ to an heved, ~ matere, come to a head; of morbid matter in the body: come together, be drawn together; -- also refl.
Misc. uses: to take (sb.) in, give shelter to; ~ the rake, ?pick up the path, ?follow the path; ~ of, pull off (someone's garment); ~ til, bring (one's heart) to (sth.); ~ to, pull at (ropes), spur (a horse); ~ up, ~ on heighte, raise (an ax) over one's head.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1400(a1325) Cursor (Vsp A.3)4610 : I red þat þou..Do gett þe a god purueur þat in þis nede þe mai socur, In ilk land men for to sett To geder ilk fijft mett O þe time þat es plente.
  • Note: Additional quote(s)
  • a1425(c1395) WBible(2) (Roy 1.C.8)Lam.1.22 : Gadere thou grapis awei fro hem, as thou hast gaderid grapis awei fro me.
  • Note: New collocation: ~ awei.
    Note: Needs new gloss.
  • c1450(c1425) Brut-1419 (Cmb Kk.1.12)353/8 : Þe kyng..sent ynto Chestirschire vnto þe Chefteynes of þat cuntre, and þay gagred [read: gadred] and brouȝt a grete..multitude of peple.
  • Note: New spelling

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?c1400(1379) Daniel *Treat.Uroscopy (Roy 17.D.1)f.4rb (Prologue) : While þat þe euyles þat ar done to gode men of euel men ar gadrade into þe merite to þe same gode men, gode warkes ar demede of discrete men noȝt to be wiþdrawen for þe maneres of schrewede men.
  • ?c1400(1379) Daniel *Treat.Uroscopy (Roy 17.D.1)f.79ra (2.13) : Aposteme of þe lyuer is causede..fro wiþinward, of wikede humores in þe lyuer gedrand togedre and turnand into corrupcioun.
Note: New spellings: (pa. ppl.) gadrade and (pr. ppl.) gedrand.