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fer adv.
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Note: Cp. ferren.
(a) At a distance, to a distance, afar, far; casten ~, to throw away, fig. to treat with contempt; ~ riding, riding afar; noght (not) ~, not far off, close by; (b) from afar; ~ aspied, seen from afar; ~ herd, heard afar; (c) comp. farther (in space), to or at a greater distance; further (in a poem or story); þes þe fir, all the farther; -- also fig.; (d) sup. farthest (in space).
(a) ~ and long, far and long; ~ and neigh, neigh and ~, ~ and hende, far and near; ~ and ner, ner and ~, be ~ and ner, farther and nearer, far and near; ~ or (ne, ner, no, nor) ner, ner or ~, farther or (nor) nearer, far or (nor) near; ~ no hende, far nor near; ~ and wid, far and wide; neigh other ~, be ~ or neigh, near or far; (b) with second adverb: far; also, much, very much; ~ abouten, far in all directions; also, far out of the direct road; putten ~ abouten, force (someone) to go out of his way; ~ apast, far past; ~ of, far off; ~ on length, far away; ~ asonder, ~ atwin, ~ awei, ~ behinden, ~ beside, ~ betwene, ~ henne, ~ in, ~ out, ~ outward, ~ thennes, ~ thethen, ~ withouten, etc.
(a) of (fro, from) ~, from afar; fro the ferrer, from the greater distance; (b) on (apon, o) ~, afar off [cp. afer].
Comp. with modal verb: to go or proceed farther.
(a) Late (in time); ~ in the night, late at night; ~ in with even, late in the evening; ~ ne ner, neither later nor sooner; no ferre, no later; (b) a long time, long; casten ~, to contrive for a long time; ~ er (er ~) beforen, a long time before; ~ her be-aften, long afterward; ~ passed, long past; ~ ther beforen, long before that; ~ to eld, a long time to old age; it is ~, it is ~ ago, it was long ago; firsten ~, to delay longer.
(a) To a degree, to an extent; as (so) ~ as, as far as, to the extent that, insofar as, to the same degree as; so ~, so far, thus far, to this degree or extent; ~ to sped, far from success; ~ in age, advanced in years; (b) by far, greatly, much; bi (from) ~, by far; ~ awei, far and away, by far; ~ drauen from, far removed from, very unlike; ~ in lor, advanced in learning, very learned; ful ~, very much; nought ~ fro, not very different from; (c) comp. to a greater extent or degree, more, further; firre than covenaunt, beyond what was agreed upon; (d) comp. in addition, also, besides, furthermore.
(a) In proverbs and proverbial expressions; (b) in set expressions beginning with as fer as.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1325(c1250) Gen.& Ex.(Corp-C 444)3904 : Digere it was al ðat berem-tem Figer siðen in-to ierusalem.
  • Note: New spelling
    Note: New phrase under 5.: ~ siðen = from then on--per MLL