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amē̆nden v.
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Note: Cp. menden & emenden.
(a) To remedy (a lack, a fault, a bad situation); correct, rectify, right (a wrong, an injustice, an error); (b) to correct or emend (a text, etc.); used ironically in Wycl.Papa.
(a) To repair (a building, etc.), mend (clothes, etc.); (b) to make (sth.) ready, adjust.
(a) To restore (sb.) to health, make well; cure (a disease, etc.); (b) to recover from illness, get well; ben amended, be cured, be well.
To relieve (suffering, grief).
To make amends for (an offense, injuries, etc.); make restitution; -- (a) with or (b) without obj.
To restore (a ruined city); reform or strengthen (an institution); establish (peace).
(a) To get better; improve in quality, skill, etc.; improve in wealth or welfare, prosper; (b) to improve in spirit, cheer up.
To make better, improve (sth. or sb.): (a) improve (one's standing or lot); ~ of god; make (a country) prosper; (b) improve the quality or appearance of (sth.); adorn, embellish; heighten (effectiveness); (c) improve (sb.) spiritually or morally; cheer (sb.) up.
To excel (sb. or sth.), surpass; ~ on, improve upon.
To change or alter (sth.), esp. for the better; ~ pas, change (one's) course; ~ herte, lust, change (one's) attitude, desire, etc.
Ethics (a) To mend one's ways; ~ lif, ~ maners; ~ of, turn away from (sin); -- refl. or intr.; (b) to reform or convert (sb.).
Theol. (a) To save (souls, mankind); god mamende, (thamende), so help me (you) God!; (b) to free or absolve (sb. from sin); forgive (sins); (c) to make amends or atone for (sin).
(a) To punish (a misdeed); (b) to discipline (a person); reprove, chastise.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (a1393) Gower CA (Frf 3)1.297 : He..bad me that I scholde schrive As touchende of my wittes fyve, And schape that thei were amended Of that I hadde hem mispended [read: misdispended]
  • Note: Additional quot. which belongs to sense 10.
    Note: Add to gloss (before ~ pas): to reform (the five wits), restore to appropriate use.
Note: The list of variant spellings in the form section may be incomplete and / or may need revision to accord with standards of later volumes of the MED.--notes per MLL

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?1482 Rev.Monk Eynsham1610 : Trew hit ys..that mekyll thyng was correcte and amende more than yt was wonte to be before.
  • Note: Glossary: "amende pp. 'amended, reformed'."
    Note: Cf. OED amend, adj. 'Amended.'
    Note: New form, ppl.
    Note: ?Sense 6.