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ēken v.
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Note: Cp. eknen.
(a) To increase (something) in number or amount; (b) to enlarge, extend, or expand (something), to extend (the borders of a country); (c) to lengthen (a period of time, a person's life); (d) to amplify (a statement), add to (the discourse of another), lengthen (a name).
(a) To add (something);--usually with to (til, te) or into; (b) eken sin upon (ofer) sin, to add one sin to another, to heap sin upon sin.
(a) To improve or stimulate (functions of the body); (b) to advance (a cause), exalt or make greater (a city, religious order, etc.); (c) to heighten or intensify (an activity); (d) to enhance (a quality, state, condition), further or improve (a virtue, a reward), make worse or aggravate (a disease, a punishment, a vice); (e) fig. to add fuel to (a fire).
(a) To increase, grow, expand; (b) to succeed or prosper.