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dwellen v.
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(a) To procrastinate, delay (to do sth.); be tardy in coming, starting, etc.; tarry, linger; also fig.; (b) to spend time, linger; take time (to tell sth.); ~ in, linger over (sth.); ~ about, ~ on, ~ from point to point, treat (a subject) at length or in detail, dwell on (a matter);(c) ?to sleep.
(a) To hold back or restrain (lust), postpone (sth.), detain (sb.); ppl. idueld, ?deferred; (b) to desist; refrain or stay away (from sth.); stop speaking (of sth.), pause (for a digression).
(a) To remain (somewhere or with sb.), stay, sojourn; also fig.; ~ awei, ~ in, ~ samen, etc.; (b) ~ a dwelling, to make a sojourn; (c) to remain (for some purpose), stay (in expectation of hearing or doing sth.), wait; ~ in (the) feld, await combat; ~ to the mete, stay to dinner.
(a) To have one's abode, reside, live, dwell; ~ in, ~ with; (b) fig. to reside (in sb. or sth.), inhere; be contingent or depend (upon sth.); (c) to inhabit (a country), people (the earth); dwelled, inhabited; not dwelled upon, uninhabited; dwelling man, inhabitant.
dwellen with: (a) to cohabit with (sb.), have sexual intercourse with; (b) to live with or accompany (sb.) as a follower or attendant; (c) to be physically attached to (sth.), adhere to; press (upon sb.) in combat.
To remain (in a certain condition or status), continue to be (as specified): (a) with adv. or prep. phrase; (b) with pred. adj. or ppl.; (c) with pred. noun.
(a) To continue to belong (to sb.), be left (to one's heirs); remain (in someone's possession); also fig.; (b) to be left (as a remainder or residue), remain.
(a) To continue in existence, last, endure; remain alive, survive, live; (b) to continue steadfastly, persist (in an action or activity); stand fast; ~ with, keep (an agreement); (c) ppl. dwelling, lasting, abiding, permanent.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?c1400(1379) *Treat.Uroscopy (Roy 17.D.1)f.46va (2.6) : In 27 daies & nygh 8 houres, he [the moon] fulfilleþ his course, i. passeþ al þe Zodiac, i. al þe 12 signes of þe firmament, duellond in euerych of þe 12 signez 2 daies naturel & 8 houres & 13 degres & 10 minutes.
Note: Additional quot. New spelling (pr. ppl.): duellond. Editor's gloss: 'of a planet in a zodiacal sign: remaining'.