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dọ̄m n.
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(a) The administering of justice; the act of judging; don ~, to administer justice; sitten in (upon) ~, sit in judgment; (b) a court of law; also, a public assembly, a royal or papal court; don to ~, to submit (sth.) to a judge or court; sweren in ~, take an oath in court, testify under oath; (c) a trial, lawsuit, hearing before a judge; buten ~, withouten ~, without a trial, without a hearing; drawen to ~, to bring (sb.) to trial; (d) a trial by ordeal.
(a) The Last Judgment; also, the judgment of the soul at death; also, the judgment seat of God; (b) Cristes ~, Drihtenes ~, general ~, grete ~, laste ~, etc.; (c) dai of ~ [see also domes dai]; (d) in oaths: bi goddes ~.
(a) A judicial decision, a sentence at law; right ~, wrangwis ~; yeven (maken) ~, to pass sentence; loken ~, administer the law; afongen (taken) ~, receive a sentence, be sentenced; tholen ~, suffer the execution of a sentence; falsen ~, render an unjust decision; sellen ~, take bribes in administering the law; (b) the execution of a sentence, punishment; ~ of the swerd, decapitation; (c) a judgment or verdict pronounced by God; (d) an adverse verdict; condemnation, damnation; aueful ~; ~ of deth.
(a) An order, a command; (b) a command or commandment of God; (c) a law or custom; demen (dighten) ~, to make a law; (d) destiny, fate; ~ of destine, ~ of constellacioun.
(a) The act of choosing or deciding; a judgment, decision, resolution; ~ of astronomie, a decision based on astrology; ~ of resoun, reasonable judgment; (b) advice, counsel, opinion; consent; a medical opinion; (c) as to mi ~, at (bi, in) mi ~, in my opinion; (d) an interpretation or explanation.
(a) The power to rule or govern, dominion; god in ~, Almighty God; (b) the power or authority (given to Christ) to judge mankind.
Of mental faculties or operations: (a) ability to make judgments or decisions; the application of this ability, discrimination; (b) ability to control (dreams); (c) imagination; (d) ability to perceive; perception (of a stimulus).
(a) Justice, or an instance of it; right ~, rightful ~; (b) righteousness.
Misc. uses:(a) ?judge; (b) crisis; (c) in surnames.
Cpds. & combs.: domes bink, ~ setle, ~ stol, judge's bench, judgment seat; domes cart, executioner's cart; ~ dai [OE], session of a court [see also domes-dai]; domes gate, gate or forum where court is held; ~ halle, ~ hous [OE], ~ place, domes stedde, hall or forum for holding court; ~ yevinge, rendering of judgment, a trial.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1450 Nicod.(3) (Eg 2658)2/1 : 'Lord, come to þe halle for þe iustises clepeþ þee'. Ihesus entrid ynto þe domehouse.
  • Note: Additional quot., sense 8.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1450 Nicod.(3) (Eg 2658)16/8 : Þey ladde hym forþ toward þe domehalle & presentid hym vp to Anne & Cayphas.
  • Note: Additional quot., sense 8.