The reformed school by John Dury.

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The reformed school by John Dury.
Dury, John, 1596-1680.
London :: Printed by R.D. for Richard Wodnothe ...,

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Education -- Early works to 1800.
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Concerning their Advancement in Piety.

That they may be advanced in Piety; th shall be exercised every day, 1. in Prayers.

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in Reading the Scriptures. 3. in Cateche∣icall conferences. 4. And on the Lords day n the duties of solemne worship.

Their daily Prayers, reading of Scriptures, nd conferences, shall go together in this order.

In the evening when the time of retiring is ome, every Usher shall see his Scholars in heir Chamber (for if they could be all that elong to each Usher made to sleep in one rge Chamber like a gallerye, two and two •••• a bed; the way of overseeing, and uniting hem in their exercises would be most commo∣ious:) and when they are going to uncloth hemselves, one of their number shall be taken his turn according to a List, to go before e rest in a short prayer or the Usher himself all do it before they begin to put off their lothes; each of them kneeling at the beds-side here he is to sleep: and the prayer being ded he whose turn it is shall read unto them me part of the Holy Scriptures, while they cloth themselves; and pray in two or three ords for a blessing upon their rest. He hose turn it is to do this duty, shall sleep at night with the Usher to whose care he is mmitted; and in the Morning shall rise with m half an hour before the rest; to waken fellow-Scholars (at the hour appointed) cause them rise, which whiles they are a

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doing, and putting on their clothes, and combing their heads; he shall againe with a previous short ejaculation, reade some part of the Scripture unto them; and with a short prayer (every one of the rest kneeling o standing by the bed where he slept) thank God for his preservation over them in the night past, and crave his direction, blessing and protection for the day following. This is to be done within the space of half an hour, to be measured by a Sand glasse: after which time, every one shall go abroad for the space of another half hour to stretch, wash, and cleanse himself: till, by the ringing of a Bell▪ the whole family be called together: at thi meeting, the Women and Girls shall be in on roome by themselves, and the Men an Boyes in another, so that they shall not se one another, and yet both be able to hear him, who shall be appointed to go befor them all in the family-duty. He shall be som man of the Association in his daily or weekl turn, as they shall appoint it, who shall wit a short prayer crave a blessing upon the meeting, and read a parcell of the Holy Scriptures, and conclude the Reading with a sho prayer: all which shall not exced the space o half an houre: and the next half hour folowing shall be spent in Catecheticall exercses and conferences according to the ord••••

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which the Governour shall settle in that mat∣er differently towards the different Ages and egrees of proficiency in the younger and more ged Scholars. As for the members of the As∣ciation; their conferences shall not be inted within such a time, but may be exten∣ed at pleasure: only the way how they ought 〈◊〉〈◊〉 be ordered, that all may profit therby, and ••••nfusion may be avoided; is to be determi∣ed by the Governour, with their approbation.

At Dinner and Supper-time (which shall ot exceed half an houre) one of the Chil∣en shall in his turn daily crave a blessing in ••••e name of all, upon their food: and read part of the Scripture unto them while they e at table; and when they have done, they all jointly sing a stave or two of a Psalme 〈◊〉〈◊〉 thanksgiving.

After supper, before they go to their hambers, they shall meet all againe in their ••••verall roomes each sex by themselves, to ••••yn in prayer, and in reading the word, as in ••••e morning they did, for the space of half an ••••ur: and another half hour afterward shall 〈◊〉〈◊〉 spent in Conferences; wherin the Children ••••ll be encouraged, and accustomed to pro∣••••se Questions to their Teachers, or to one ••••other concerning matters of doubt which ••••y have been incident unto their thoughts, ••••her from the reading of Scripture or some,

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other thing observed in the day-time: which being done, they shall all retire unto their se∣verall quarters, and prepare to go to bed.

This Course of daily exercise in Piety is to be continued without interruption, no bod is to be exempted from it, but only in case o sickness.

On the Lords day, over and above th daily sacrifice within doores to be observed the Children shall be brought forth unto th public meetings, to joyn with the Congregation of others in the worship of God; and 〈◊〉〈◊〉 the intervalles of times between the pub meetings, and the last Sermon and supp•••• time; Conferences shall be entertained wi them, concerning the things which they ha heard.

And if those of the Association should etertain any Propheticall exercises among themselves, or with others, from without; th some of the most advanced Schollars shou be admitted to be present with them.

This Care of advancing Piety and keep the Lords day, is to be made the Chief f things belonging to their Education.

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