The art of cookery refin'd and augmented containing an abstract of some rare and rich unpublished receipts of cookery
Cooper, Joseph, chiefe cook to the late king.

How to boyle a Chicken.

SCald the Chickens and trusse them, boyling them in water as white as you can: For the Sauce (if it be in winter) take a pinte of white-Wine, Verjuice, five or six Dates, a little handful of Pine-kernels, five or six blades of large Mace, a faggot of sweet Herbs; all these boyle together till halfe consumed, beat it up thick with Butter, and pour it on the Chickens (being dished) with two or three white-bread tostes dipped slightly in a little Musca∣dine, and lay on the Chickens yolks of Eggs cut into quarters, puffe-Paste, Lozanges, Sheeps tongues fryed in greene Butter; being boyl'd and blanch'd, pickl'd Page  16 Barberies, three or foure pieces of Marrow (being boyled) and serve it up hot.