The art of cookery refin'd and augmented containing an abstract of some rare and rich unpublished receipts of cookery
Cooper, Joseph, chiefe cook to the late king.

Another way for the same.

IF in Summer, take Wine as be∣fore, and a little Broth which boyled them, if you have no stronger; large Mace, the bottom of two Artechokes, being boyled and cut in dice-work, an Ox Pa∣lat sliced thinne, Salt and sweet Herbs; all these being boyled together, beat it up with Butter, dish the Chickens and pour this sauce on them, laying on the chickens boyled Aspuragus, hard Lettuce scalded, a little handful of scalded Gooseberries; sliced Lem∣mon will doe will in the sauce, if you please; sippit it and serve it up Verjuice, and some of the broth boyled with large Mace; a little sliced Ginger and Salt Page  17 being beat up with Butter, the gizerne of the Chickens, a little Sugar, the Parsley which was boyled in their bellies, all minced, and a handfull of scalded Goose∣berries or Grapes with sippits, will be good.