All the submyssyons, and recantations of Thomas Cranmer, late Archebyshop of Canterburye truely set forth both in Latyn and Englysh, agreable to the originalles, wrytten and subscribed with his owne hande. Visum [et] examinatum per reuerendum patrem [et] dominum, dominum edmundum episcopum London. Anno, M.D.LVI.
Cranmer, Thomas, 1489-1556.

¶ The true copye of the second submyssion of the sayde Thomas Cranmer, whiche he the sayde Thomas dyd aduisedly subscribe with his owne hande, and dyd not afterwarde reuoke it, the originall whereof was also sente vp to the Quenes Maiestie and her said counsell, as before.

I Thomas Cranmer doctor in diuinitie, do submyt my selfe to the catholyke Churche of Christ, and to the Pope, supreame heade of the same churche, and vnto the kynge and the Quenes Maiesties, and vn∣to all theyr lawes and ordinaunces.

Thomas Cranmer.