All the submyssyons, and recantations of Thomas Cranmer, late Archebyshop of Canterburye truely set forth both in Latyn and Englysh, agreable to the originalles, wrytten and subscribed with his owne hande. Visum [et] examinatum per reuerendum patrem [et] dominum, dominum edmundum episcopum London. Anno, M.D.LVI.
Cranmer, Thomas, 1489-1556.
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¶ The true copye of the fyrste submyssion o Thomas Cranmer, late Archbyshop of Caunterbu¦rye, which afterwarde by inconstancye and vn∣stablenes he the sayd Thomas Cranmer did cancell, the oryginall whereof was sent to the Quenes Maiestie, and her priuie counsell, as foloweth.

FOrasmuch as the kynge and Quenes maiesties, by consent of their parliament, haue receaued the Popes aucthoritie within this realme, I am content to submyt my selfe to theyr lawes herein, and to take the Pope for chief heade of this churche of England, so farre as Gods lawes and the lawes and customes of this realme wyll permit.

Thomas Cranmer.