All the submyssyons, and recantations of Thomas Cranmer, late Archebyshop of Canterburye truely set forth both in Latyn and Englysh, agreable to the originalles, wrytten and subscribed with his owne hande. Visum [et] examinatum per reuerendum patrem [et] dominum, dominum edmundum episcopum London. Anno, M.D.LVI.
Cranmer, Thomas, 1489-1556.
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Tertium scriptum Cranmeri sua ipsius manu exaratum, & per eum in buc∣cardo exhibitum London, Episcopo.

I Am contente to submyt my selfe to the kynge and Quenes Maiesties, and to all theyr lawes and or∣dynaunces, aswel concernyng the Popes supremacy as others. And I shall from tyme to tyme moue and styrre all other to do the lyke, to the vttermost of my power, and to lyue in quyetnes and obedience vnto theyr maiesties, most humbly, without murmour or grudgynge agaynst any of theyr godly procedinges. And for my boke whiche I haue wrytten, I am con∣tented to submyt me to the iudgement of the Catho∣lyke churche, and of the nexte generall councell.

Thomas Cranmer.