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Tître Title
Fabuliste Fabulist
Façade Facade
Faces de pignon Pinion faces
Faces, outil à faire des Pinion face polisher
Facile Easy or facile
Faction Faction
Faculté Faculty
Faillite Bankruptcy
Faim-vale Hunger disease
Faine Beechnut
Faire les Noms Titling
Faisceaux Vascular bundles
Falbala Furbelow
Falsification Falsification
Famille Family
Famille Family
Famille, Maison Family, House
Fanatisme [abridged] Fanaticism [abridged]
Fanne Involucre
Fanner, Fanné Wilt, wilted
Fantaisie Fancy
Fantaisie Fantasy
Fantaisie Fantasy
Fantaisie Fantasy
Fantome Phantom
Farce Farce
Farcin Farcy
Fard Fard
Farine Food reserves
Fariner, Farineux Floury, to become floury
Fascination Fascination
Fascination Fascination
Faste Pomp
Faste Pomp
Fastes Fasti
Fastes Consulaires Consular Fasti
Fatiguer (un arbre) Impoverish (tree)
Fauchet Rake
Fausset Falsetto
Faux-Bourg Suburb
Faux-bois False wood
Féerie Fairy tale
Fées Fairies
Félicité Felicity
Félicité Felicity
Femelle Female
Féminin (ine) Feminine
Femme Wife
Femme Woman
Femme Woman
Femme Woman
Femur Femur
Fendre Crack (soil), to
Fendre, machine à Wheel cutting engine
Fenouil Fennel
Fer à polir Polishing iron
Fer, (Age de) Iron Age
Fermiers [abridged] Farmers [abridged]
Fermoir Firmer
Fermoirs Clasps
Féroce Ferocious
Fers a dorer Finishing tools
Fertile, Fertilite Fertile, fertility
Ferule Ferula
Festins Royaux Royal banquets
Fête des morts Feast of the dead
Fêtes des Chrétiens [Abridged] Christian holidays [Abridged]
Feu Fire
Feu électrique Electric fire
Feuillage Foliage
Feuille de Refend Feuille de refend
Feve Bean, broad bean
Fez Fez
Fez Fez
Fiançailles Engagement
Ficher Fix (stake), to
Fichu Fichu
Figuerie Fig orchard
Figure Figure
Figure de la terre Form of the Earth
Figurées (pierres) Figured stones
Fil de pignon Pinion wire
Filet Fillet
Filles d'Artichaux Suckers (artichoke)
Fin End
Finesse Finesse
Fistules ou Canaux Conducting tissue
Flaterie Flattery
Fleur Flower
Fleur au soleil Sunflower (Helianthus)
Fleuraison Flowering
Fleurir Flower, to
Fleuron Fleuron
Fleuron Fleuron
Fleuron Ornament
Fleurs blanches Fluor muliebris
Fluide Fluid
Foible Feeble, weak
Foin Hay
Foire [abridged] Fairs [abridged]
Fonctions Duties
Fond Piece of land, base (of flower)
Fondamentaux, Articles Fundamental articles
Fondation Foundation
Fondis Low-lying land
Fondre Wilt
Fontaines Fountains
Fontaines artificielles Ornamental fountains
Fontaines de vin Fountains of wine
Fontange Fontange
Force Force
Force Force
Force Force
Force d'inertie Force of inertia
Force des Eaux Force of water
Force motrice Force of motion
Force mouvante Moving force
Force résultante Resulting force
Force vive Kinetic energy
Forces accélératrices Accelerating forces
Forces centrales et centrifuges Central and centrifugal forces
Fordicides Fordicidia
Forgeron Blacksmith
Format Format
Forme Forme
Formulaire Form
Fossile Fossil
Foudres Tufts (leaves)
Fouetter Tying-up
Fourchettes Forks
Fourchon Fork
Fourneau à fondre les caracteres d'Imprimerie Furnace for typecasting
Fourre Thicket
Fragilité Fragility
Framboisier Raspberry
Franc-Carreau Franc-Carreau
France France
Francs-Maçons Freemasons
Fraxinelle Burning bush, dittany
Frisquette Frisket
Fritillaire Fritillary
Froid Cold
Frole , Chamaecerasus Lonicera
Fromage Cheese
Fromage Cheese
Frottement Friction
Frotter Rubbing of letters
Frottoir Burnisher
Fructifier Fructify, bear fruit
Fruit [abridged] Fruit (method of producing fine fruit)
Fruitier Fruit tree, orchard
Fruits Fruit
Frutex Frutex
Fumer Manure soil, to
Funeste Ill-fated
Fureur utérine Uterine fury
Fusée Fusee
Fusiliers Fusiliers