From this page you can browse articles translated and published online by English or French title, category of knowledge, or both. You can also browse all of the plates (whether or not the accompanying text has been translated) by English or French title. Also see auxiliary material such as the Map of the System of Human Knowledge.

Tître Title
Labeur Print-job
Laboureur Farm laborer
Labyrinthe Labyrinth, maze
Lacédémone Lacedaemon, Republic of
Laideur Ugliness
Laine Wool
Laitue Lettuce
Lambourdes Lambourdes, spurs
Lampe perpétuelle, ou Lampe inextinguible Perpetual lamp, or inextinguishable lamp
Langage Language
Langres Langres
Langue Language
Langue angloise English language
Langue de Cantabres Basque language
Langue françoise French language
Langues de l'Iris Falls
Languette Frisket handle
Languir Languish
Lanterne Lantern
Lanterne magique Magic lantern
Lapin Rabbit
Laquais Lackey
Larache Larache
Lardons Inserts
Larigot Larigot
Larme Tear
Larron Gourmand
Lavage des chiffons Washing of the rags
Laver les formes Washing formes
Lecture Reading
Leeds Leeds
Légereté Levity
Législateur Lawgiver
Legislation Legislation
Legume Vegetable
Legumier ou Potager Vegetable garden
Léibnitzianisme ou Philosophie de Léibnitz Leibnizianism, or the philosophy of Leibniz
Lese-Majesté Lèse-majesté
Lessive Lye
Lessive Washing solution
Lettre de recommandation Letter of recommendation
Lettres des modernes Modern letters
Leucoium ou Perceneige Leucojum
Levée, arc de Impulse arc
Lever Come up, lift
Levier Lever
Levier Lever
Liais, pierre de Liais stone
Libelle [abridged] Libel [abridged]
Liberté Freedom
Liberté Liberty
Liberté Liberty
Liberté civile Civil liberty
Liberté de penser Freedom of thought
Liberté naturelle Natural liberty
Liberté politique Political liberty
Libertinage Libertinism
Librairie Book trade
Librairie Bookseller
Librairie Library
Licorne Unicorn
Licorne fossile Unicorn fossil
Lieutenant Lieutenant
Lilith Lilith
Lime File
Limite Limit
Limon Bitter orange
Liniere Flax field
Lion, leo Lion
Lisbonne Lisbon
Lisse Burnisher
Lisse Smooth
Lit Layer
Lithophyte Lithophyte
Lobes (d'une graine) Lobes (of a seed)
Logarithme Logarithm
Loge Locule
Loi Law
Loi civile Civil law
Loi fondamentale Fundamental law
Lois barbares Barbarian laws
Lois des Barbares Barbarian laws
Loisir Leisure
Londres London
Longitude d'une étoile Longitude of a star
Loque Rag
Loterie Lottery
Loteries des Romains Roman lotteries
Louisbourg Louisbourg
Loup Wolf
Lubeck, le droit Lübeck, the law
Luc, Evangile de saint Luke, Gospel according to
Lustré Shiny, glossy
Lutheranisme Lutheranism
Luxe Luxury
Lycanthrope, ou Loup-Garou Lycanthrope or Werewolf
Lyon Lyon
Lyrique Lyric