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Organization and Operation

The publication of Arkivoc and the organization of the annual Florida Heterocyclic and Synthetic Conference (FloHet) are managed through a steering committee; of which three members (A. R. Katritzky (Chair), C. D. Hall (Secretary), and E. Scriven) are based at the University of Florida in Gainesville. The Control Board meets annually in March at the FloHet Conference, in Gainesville, Florida.

Editors/Control Board

For a current list of Arkivoc's Control Board Members, please see http://www.arkat-usa.org/arkivoc-journal/members-control-board/.

Editorial Board of Referees

This board has more than 800 members in 71 countries, listed in full at http://www.arkat-usa.org/arkivoc-journal/members-editorial-board-of-referees/.

Arkivoc/FloHet/ARKAT-USA Steering Committee

  • A. John Aanonson
  • A. John Boulton
  • C. Dennis Hall (Secretary)
  • Alan R. Katritzky (Chair)
  • Reinhard Neier
  • Christopher A. Ramsden
  • Eric Scriven
  • Christian Stevens