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1. bush n.(1)

73 quotations in 5 senses
Sense / Definition
(a) A woods, grove; thicket, underbrush; bank and bush, hill and (wooded) dale; under the bush, in (the shelter of) the woods; (b) rank growth.

2. smert(e n.

Additional spellings: smerte
32 quotations in 2 senses
Sense / Definition
(a) Physical pain; also, harm [quot. a1420]; also, a burn [quot. 1440]; don smert, to cause (an animal) pain, harm; (b) grief, sorrow, annoyance; also fig. of Jesus; also, contrition, remorse; (c)…

3. stẹ̄r(e adj.

Additional spellings: stere
10 quotations in 1 sense
Sense / Definition
(a) Of persons or animals: strong, hardy; of objects: sturdy; (b) powerful; ?also, harsh, tyrannical; (c) steadfast, faithful; (d) ?prosperous; (e) important, great; (f) as adv.: firmly, securely…

4. stilt(e n.

Additional spellings: stilte
16 quotations in 1 sense
Sense / Definition
(a) The handle of a plow; (b) a wooden crutch; an artificial leg, peg leg; also, a stilt; stilt bond, a strap for attaching a stilt or a peg leg; (c) ?one of the uprights of a ladder; (d) in surname.

5. yespon n.

7 quotations in 1 sense
Sense / Definition
A measure of volume equivalent to that contained in a person’s hands cupped together.