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bush n.(1)
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(a) A woods, grove; thicket, underbrush; bank and ~, hill and (wooded) dale; under the ~, in (the shelter of) the woods; (b) rank growth.
Sayings: (a) beten the bush, beat the bush(es) to rouse game; (b) biden fair weder under ~.
(a) A shrub or shrub-like plant; bush(es and brer(es (thornes); (b) the burning bush seen by Moses on Mount Sinai [Ex. 3.2]; also, this bush as a symbol of the Virgin Mary.
(a) Bushes or underbrush serving to conceal hunters or fighters, an ambush; leien a ~, lay a trap; bush-net; [cp. embushen]; (b) an attack from ambush.
Miscel. uses: (a) a branch (of a shrub or tree); a fresh branch on a tavern sign (to indicate that wine is served); a rod or switch (for flogging); (b) a wisp (of brambles), a tuft (of sod); (c) a limb (of a tree); a fagot (of firewood).

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • (1286) Anc.Deed (PRO) 4 ()99 : Tribus milibus de talwode [to be rendered at Westminster..if he fail in the payment of the said..] busche [by the date named, he binds himself to be compelled thereto by the archdeacons of Westminster].
  • Note: Antedates sense 4.(c).--per AFH
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