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conjuncciǒun n.
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(a) The act or process of joining, combining, or uniting two or more things; the fact of being joined or united, a union; (b) sexual union or intercourse; (c) a juncture or joint.
Phys. & physiol. The blending or combining of 'elements' or 'humors'.
Astron. & astrol. The (apparent) proximity of two or more planets or other heavenly bodies; the position of these when they are in the same or two adjoining signs of the zodiac. [Such 'conjunctions' were regarded as causes of events and human destiny.]
Gram. A class of words: the conjunction; a connective or conjunction.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?a1425 *MS Htrn.95 (Htrn 95)116b/a : When þe brekinge is wiþ ane open brisure, þen auicen & oþere autours seine þat it maie not be rectifyed, but þe coniuncioun & þe brekinge of þe bones moste be drawen oute.
  • Note: Modify gloss in sense 1.(a).
  • a1475 Peniarth Informacio(1) (Pen 356B)97/213 : When ij verbis comyn togedur wtout a relatyue or a coniunction betwene, the lattyr schall be the infenetyue mode.
  • Note: Needed for date in sense 4.
Note: In sense 1.(a), in ?a1425(c1380)Chaucer Bo.3.pr.12.151, the translation of the Latin conflictione is "?conflict, clashing."--per SMK