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comprehenden v.
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(a) Of an area: to contain or include (sth.); (b) to enclose (sth. in an area).
(a) To include (sth. in a book, document, law, list, etc.); ben comprehended, be included, contained, or provided; (b) to contain (provisions).
(a) To put (sth.) into words, describe, explain; ~ bi word, convey (sth.) in words, state; (b) ben comprehended, to be subsumed (under one name); be contained (in an expression or statement); (c) to combine (meanings of a word).
(a) To include (sth. in a classification or category); list or summarize (under categories); (b) to comprise or include (certain functions or entities).
Misc. uses: (a) to take hold of (sth.); take hold, catch on; (b) to surround, encompass; enclose, confine; beset; (c) to unite; ben comprehended, consist (of); (d) to attain to, achieve, accomplish (sth.).
To comprehend, apprehend, perceive: (a) of a person, the mind: to conceive, comprehend, understand (sth.); also, appreciate; ~ in wit; (b) of the intellect or the imagination: to conceive or conceive of (sth.); understand through abstraction and generalization; ~ form; (c) of faith: to apprehend (the truth); (d) of the senses: to perceive (sth.), see.
Theol. (a) Of God's omniscience: to encompass, comprehend, have in mind; (b) of Providence: to foresee, control.