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commū̆nitẹ̄ n.
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The people of a country, city, etc.; nation, citizenry; commonwealth, community.
(a) The common people (as distinct from the rulers and the clergy), commonalty; the third estate; the state of the ~, the commons; the ~ of peple; (b) the House of Commons; (c) the laymen.
the ~ of the peple, the totality of the people, all the people; the ~ of mankinde, of the worlde, all mankind; the most ~, most of the people; in a ~, as one body of human beings.
A fellowship or group: (a) a religious community or brotherhood; (b) a guild; (c) the entire body of physicians or medical authorities.
(a) Ownership in common; ~ of god; (b) the right to use land held in common.
Misc. uses: (a) in communite, as a group, jointly; in public; (b) ~ of kinde, likeness of human nature; (c) bi ~, by association.