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clauen v.
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(a) To scratch (sth.), claw, lacerate, scrape; ~ hed, claw (one's) head (in rage or distress); ~ a sori mannes hed, ?become a sorrowful man; (b) to clean (sth.) by scratching; scrape (remove the beard from barley).
(a) To scratch (sb.) lightly, rub gently, scratch (to relieve itching); fig. to flatter (sb.); (b) ~ bak, to scratch (someone's) back, flatter; ~ hed, scratch (one's) head (in perplexity); ~ toes, scratch (one's) toes, ?be idle; ~ on the bak, slap (sb.) on the back; ~ on the galle, rub (sb.) on a sore spot; (c) ppl. clauing, ?itching [cp. ger.].
(a) To clutch (sth.), grasp; (b) ~ awei, ?to thrust aside (a blow).

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • c1400(c1378) PPl.B (LdMisc 581)10.284 : Alle manere prelates..þat preche shulde and teche Alle manere men to amenden by her myʒte..For-þi, ʒe corectoures, claweth her-on, and corecteth fyrst ʒow-seluen.
  • Note: Quot. belongs to sense 3.(a)
    Note: Modify existing gloss: "To clutch (sth.), grasp; also fig.;".
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