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busken v.
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(a) To make preparations, get ready, prepare (to do sth.); (b) to prepare (sth.), get (sb.) ready, arrange; make (sth.); ~ debat, quarrel, make strife; ~ him, make (sth.) for himself, get (persons) ready for himself; (c) refl. to prepare oneself, get ready.
To provide (sb. with sth.), furnish; refl. get, obtain, find.
(a) To clothe (sb.), array (sth.), adorn; arm (a soldier); cover (sth. with leaves); also, get dressed, array oneself, dress up; (b) refl. to clothe oneself, get dressed, adorn oneself.
(a) To go (to a person or place), betake oneself; esp., go hastily; ~ of bed, hop out of bed; ~ to bed, hasten to bed; (b) to drive (sb. somewhere), impel (sth.); ~ out, chase out; ~ up, raise (a banner); ~ up herte, lift up one's heart, take courage; (c) refl. to go (somewhere), betake oneself, make one's way, hasten (to a place).
To hurry, be quick, hasten (to do sth.); -- also refl.; ~(oneself)of, get out of (sth.) quickly; ~ on wedes, put on (one's) clothes speedily; ~ up, hurry up, make haste.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1475 Gawain & CC (Brog 2.1)48 : Glade was Launcelet de Lacke..syr Percivall..and Lanfalle..Syr Gawen was stward of þe halle, He was master of hem all And buskyde hem bedenne.
  • Note: Needed for date in sense 1.(a).
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