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wēven v.(1)
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(a) To practice the craft of weaving; also fig.; ppl. wevinge, weaving; also, as noun: a weaver; (b) to interlace (threads, yarn, etc.) to form a fabric; ~ togeder; weven togeder to hem-self, of chains: having interlocking links; (c) to produce (cloth, an item made of cloth, etc.) by interweaving thread or other fibrous material; also, form (a web); also fig.; ppl. weven, woven; weven al abouten, al weven enter, al weven in (aboven in-to) on, woven as a single piece.
(a) Of a spider: to generate the filaments of a cobweb, spin a web [quots. 1st & a1398 2nd]; spin (a web, a cocoon); also in fig. context; (b) to form (a cord) by twisting strands of fabric, twine;—used fig.; (c) ben weven, of a membrane: to be formed of a network of veins; ppl. weven, of veins, nerves: forming a network, reticulate; weven togeder, of the skin or a membrane: consisting of a network of fluid and tissue.
To construct (a dwelling) by interlacing the frame with twigs and branches, wattle; form (a basket) by interweaving branches and thorns; also, interlace (stakes with twigs); ~ with twigges (yerdes, etc.).
To stitch (images, etc. onto a fabric or clothing); decorate (a tapestry), decorate (cloth with letters, gold, etc.); also, embroider (a letter, an image) on fabric; ~ in.
(a) Fig. To cast (a pall over people); of darkness: envelop (sb.); (b) to enmesh (sb. in arguments), entangle.
(a) To construct (a text, an argument, etc.) by combining details; ~ togederes; ppl. weven, interpolated; interspersed; (b) to build (a body of experience); weave (a fate); fashion (a judgment), shape.