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warishen v.
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(a) To regain one’s health or happiness, get well, recover; recover (from pain, sickness, etc.); (b) to effect a cure; also, effect the reversal of a magical transformation; effect a cure (for an enchantment).
(a) To cure (sb.), heal;—also refl.; cure (sb. of sickness, a wound, etc.); also, fig. heal (sb. of sins); ~ ayenes, protect (sb.) against (a morbid condition), preserve from; ~ oute of, bring (the sick) out of (woe); ben warished of slep (sustenaunce), be recovered with sleep (sustenance); (b) to relieve (sb., the soul) of distress or affliction, restore to happiness or prosperity; relieve (sb., the heart, of dread, distress, woe, etc.); (c) to cure (a sickness, an impaired bodily member, etc.), heal (an injury); also, recover from (one’s wounds) [quot. ?a1425]; lift (a spell) or reverse (a magical transformation) [quot. a1500(?c1450)]; fig. counteract or alleviate (war, evil, etc.).
(a) To make (sb., a church) strong, fortify;—used fig.; warished abouten with walles, of a city: protectively surrounded by fortifications, walled about; (b) to protect (sb.); shelter (sb., doves); also, look after (a child), nurture; (c) to save (sb., a sheep), rescue; (d) ben warished, to escape (from God’s hand).