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wāren v.(1)
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Note: For sense 4. cp. weren v.(1).
(a) To be mindful, be aware; ~ of, be knowledgeable concerning (sth.), be skilled in; ware him his fal is nexte his honde, let him be mindful his fall is at hand; (b) to be mindful of (sth.), heed.
Impv. ware, having the force of an interjection: (a) here, see, see here, look;—used to draw attention to oneself, the presence of someone or something, etc.; (b) make way;—used to clear a path through a crowd; also refl.; (c) chiefly hawk. & hunt. see, attend, mind;—used as an admonitory cry addressed to a hawk or a hound; also, used as a cry addressed to a plowhorse [quots. a1500]; ware oute, watch out.
(a) To beware, be on guard;—also refl.; ~ biforen, take precautions (for oneself); also, impv. ware, having the force of an interjection: beware, look out; ware arrere (derere), look out behind; ware to the, look to yourself; refl. ware the (you), watch yourself, take warning; (b) ~ for (from, of, with), to beware of (sb. or sth., a process, an action, etc.), be on guard against, be leery of; seek to avoid (a vice, sin, etc.), shun;—also refl.; (c) to beware (sb. or sth.), be on guard against, look out for so as to avoid; eschew (a vice, vicious practice, etc.); ware thin coroune, watch your head; ware the lof, naut. ?look out to the windward; ware the rere, look out behind you, watch your back; (d) ben warede, surg. of a part of the body: to be untouched, be avoided in working.
To protect (sb.); protect (sb. from sth.); also, refl. protect or guard oneself [1st quot.].
To be diligent, take pains, take heed, take care: (a) with clause, usu. introduced by that: to see to it (that sth. happens, that sth. is the case, etc.), take care (lest sth. happen, that one does not do sth., etc.);—also refl.; (b) with noun clause: to take care (how one does sth., what one does);—also refl.