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waranten v.
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Note: Cp. awarranten v., garanten v.
To act as protector, afford protection [quot. a1470, 2nd]; protect (sb. or sth., oneself), shield; also, guarantee the safety of (sth.), guard; save (sb. from death), rescue.
(a) To undertake to ensure (that sth. will occur) or to assure (sb. that sth. will occur); promise (sth., sth. to sb.); also, give one’s pledge (to do sth.); (b) to guarantee or provide surety for (the value of a property); also, guarantee the quality, composition, etc. of (a product); (c) law to guarantee the right of possession of (property to sb.), warrant (property to sb. against potential litigants); also, protect the right of (sb.) to possess some specified property (against potential litigants) [last quot.].
With diminished force: (a) to be willing to swear (that sth. is so), be certain; also, with obj. complement: maintain (sb. or sth. to be sth.), venture to declare; (b) in parenthetical expressions and asseverations: ich warant (you, ich dar (shal, wil) ~, etc., I assure you, I say truly, I dare say.