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blenchen v.
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Note: Cp. blenken v.
(a) To move suddenly or sharply; jerk, twist; flinch, wince, dodge; ~ aside; ~ low, duck; ~ broues, raise (one's) eyebrows or eyelids; ~ of slepe, wake up suddenly; (b) of a horse: to start or shy; of a boat: lurch or heel over.
(a) To change one's course, turn (in a certain direction); turn around, retreat; ~ aȝain; ~ hom, return to one's home; of light: be deflected; (b) to turn the eyes (in a certain direction); ~ eie; look (at or away from sth.); ~ beside, look aside; of the eyes: gaze.
(a) To avoid, evade, abstain; elude, escape; ~ from; (b) to deviate, stray (from prescribed practices).
(a) To mislead (sb.), lead astray, deceive; ~ sight, delude; (b) to foil (an enemy, an attack).
Of a person, one's complexion: to turn pale.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

Note: The quots. which were in sense 5.(a) have been moved to blenken v., as have all but one of the quots. which were in sense 5.(b).
Note: The list of variant spellings in the form section is incomplete and needs revision to accord with standards of later volumes of the MED. Provisional revised form section (taking into account the quots. which have been moved): Also blenche, blinche, blenk(e(n, blinke(n; p. blenched, etc. & blente, bleint(e, blencte, bleincte, blincked, (error) blemesshyd; ppl. blenched, etc. & ibleint.--notes per MLL