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waiten v.
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Note: Cp. awaiten v.
(a) To direct one’s gaze, look; gaze (out a window or cave opening); ~ abouten, ~ him umbe, etc.; (b) to fasten one’s gaze (on sb. or sth.), look (at sb. or sth.); stare (into sth.); (c) to look into a matter, consider; glance (at or over a piece of writing); direct one’s consideration (to sth.); (d) to search (for sth.), seek; ~ upon werdes, seek to know one’s fate.
(a) To look at (sb. or sth.), behold; also, in a term of derision for an old man: waite-glede, stare-at-the-fire; (b) to keep (sb. or sth.) under observation, watch continually; (c) to consider (sth.), take note of; also, mark (sth., when sth. occurs, etc.), remark; (d) to peruse (a piece of writing, a text), read; (e) to find out (who did sth., how sth. might be accomplished, etc.), learn, ascertain; ~ if, see whether (sth. might occur or might have occurred); (f) to look for (sth.); also, find (sth.); search (sth.), examine [1st quot.].
(a) To be attentive; pay attention (to sb. or sth.), give heed; (b) to be concerned; be concerned (about sth. or oneself); be careful (of sth., to do sth.); (c) to be observant (regarding religious practice).
(a) To heed (sth.), pay attention to; also, follow the dictates of (wisdom) [last quot.]; (b) to be concerned about (sth.); (c) see to it (that sth. be the case, that sth. not occur, etc.), watch out.
(a) To await something;—also refl.; wait (for a particular time, an event, sb., etc.); also, await a chance (to do sth.); (b) to have expectations (of sth.); also, hope (for sth.).
(a) To await (sb. or sth.); be on the lookout for; also, befall (sb.) [quot. Wars Alex. 1109]; ~ time, bide one’s time, watch for one’s chance; (b) ~ if, to wait to see whether (sth. is the case); ~ whanne, wait until such time as (sth. has occurred, sth. is the case, etc.); (c) to expect (sth.), anticipate, hope for; also with inf. or whanne clause as obj.
(a) To be in attendance (on sb.); minister (to sb.); also, be in charge (of an office); take responsibility (for tending to sth.); of a ship: be in the retinue (of another ship); ~ on min wille, stand by to do my bidding, serve me; (b) to attend (sb.); stand by to serve (someone’s will).
(a) To keep watch; stand guard (over sb. or sth.), keep watch; also, keep an eye (on sb. or sth.); put (sb. or sth.) under surveillance; (b) to keep (sb.) in protective custody, watch over; keep (sth., oneself) safe, protect; guard (prisoners); also, observe (sb. or sth.) secretly, spy on; also with wher clause as obj.
(a) To lie in wait; lie in wait (for sb. or sth.); also fig.; also, prepare an ambush (for sb.); (b) to plot, contrive injury; plot or contrive injury (against sb., someone’s life, a realm, etc.); also, be alert for an opportunity (to do harm to sb.);—also refl.
(a) To lie in wait for (sb.), ambush, waylay; also in fig. context; (b) to plot against (sb.), contrive to injure.
To endure (sth.);— ?error for voiden v.