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viciǒus adj.
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(a) Unwholesome, impure; also, corrupting, insalubrious; also in fig. context [last quot.]; (b) of a text: erroneous or corrupt; (c) pernicious, harmful; (d) law ?improperly executed, invalid; ?inaccurate, erroneous; (e) ?insufficient, unsatisfactory, inferior.
(a) Morally or spiritually flawed, given to immoral or evil practices, full of vices; also, injurious to others, baleful in influence or conduct; ~ of bodi (disport), licentious, lecherous, unchaste; ~ of condicioun (condiciouns, governaunce), ~ of (in) livinge, disposed to wickedness or evil habits, inclined to immorality; (b) of a physical or mental action, an attitude, attribute of a person, etc.: revealing or displaying sinfulness, depravity, lack of virtue, etc. in the actor, speaker, or possessor, antithetical to virtue; also, inciting to sinfulness, corrupting; (c) of a way of life: embracing sinful behavior, conducted immorally or wickedly; (d) as noun: wicked people, rogues, scoundrels; also, person. as a character in a pageant [quots. 1441 and 1467].