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turn(e n.
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Note: Cp. tour n.(2).
A turn, rotation, or revolution about an axis or center; welkenes ~, the turning of the heavens.
A machine or device which turns or spins around: a bobbin, spool, or spindle; a winchlike contrivance for bending a crossbow; surg. a stick forming part of a device for applying traction and splinting broken bones; ~ gres, a spiral stairway.
(a) A change in position so as to face in another direction; also, a shift in bodily posture, movement from one position into another; (b) a wrestling maneuver by which a wrestler attempts to throw his opponent, a throw; also fig.; falling ~, a fall to the ground made by a wrestler in an attempt to trick his opponent; haunche ~, a wrestling move by which one's opponent is thrown over one's hip.
A bend, an angle, or a curve in a passageway; also, an indentation or a curve in an extent of coastline forming a bay or recess.
(a) A turning aside from one's course, deviation from one's path; a roundabout or circuitous course, detour; (b) a course of travel from one place to another, journey.
The bi-annual court held in each hundred by the sheriff or his deputy; ~ of shir-reve, shir-reve (shir-reves) ~.
(a) The time or opportunity for performing an action which comes in due rotation or order to each of a number of persons; also, the occasion or time at which an event occurs; also, a recurring time period in which an action occurs, specif. rutting season; also, in adv. usage: that ilke ~, at the same time; taken ~; (b) a repetitive sequence used in rituals.
A period of action, a spell, bout; in adv. usage: for a spell [quot. c1450, 2nd]; also, a portion of drink served to all members of a company, a round.
A change in a state of affairs or course of events, vicissitude; also, a turn of events, circumstance; gon a ~, to suffer adversity.
(a) An act or a deed; a valorous feat or exploit; god ~; don a god ~; (b) a trick, deception, or wile; a wicked deed; a transgression, sin; foul (ille, ivel, etc.) ~.
Phil. A subtle rhetorical device, an artifice; yeven ~, to use subtly fallacious reasoning on (sb.).
A transferred prerogative.

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Note: Med., etc., see further J.Norri, Dictionary of Medical Vocabulary, s.v. turn.