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trīen v.
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Note: Cp. a-trien v.
(a) To separate out (the casualties of one side from those of the other on the battlefield), pick out; separate (sth. from sth. else); (b) to separate (the good or desired part of sth.) from the rest; sift (sth.), strain; also fig.; separate (earth from stone by sieving or sifting); separate (the yolk of an egg from the white); ~ oute; ppl. triede as adj.: of flour: ?finely sifted; of ginger: ?finely ground; of licorice: ?refined; of egg yolks: separated from the whites; of honey: strained; (c) to separate metal from ore [quot. a1393]; refine (metal), purify by fire; extract (dross from gold, gold from sth. else); also, melt down (coins); fig. refine (sb. by tribulation, etc.); extract (sb. from corruption); ~ oute; ppl. triede, purified, refined; also fig. & in fig. context; (d) ~ oute, to extract (sth.), draw out; (e) to produce (a substance out of sth.); (f) to remove (branches from a tree), take off.
(a) To select (sb. or sth.), choose; also, ?invite (sb.), summon [quot. c1440(?a1400)]; ppl. triede as adj.: chosen, specially selected; (b) ppl. triede as adj.: choice, excellent, fine.
(a) To examine (sth.), evaluate; (b) to discover (sth.) by examination; expose (sb. or sth.) by investigation; ascertain (sth., the truth), discern; also, distinguish (sth. from sth. else) [2nd quot.]; ~ oute; (c) to settle (a dispute); determine (sth.); also, determine (a question by combat); establish (someone's rights by force); ~ oute; (d) chiefly law to make trial (of sth.); also, bring (sb.) to trial; try (sb., a matter, case, etc.) in court; determine (the truth, an issue) by legal proceedings.
To put (sb. or sth.) to the test; prove the strength, valor, worth, etc. of (sb. or sth.); ppl. triede as adj.: tested, proven; trusty; also, ?famous, renowned [quot. c1540, 3rd]; also, as noun: a famous or distinguished person [last quot.]; wel triede.
To attempt (sth.), try.
To put (sth. in or into sth. else), place, insert; plunge (sth. into a liquid); also, put (sth.) up (in a container), put away.
To bring (sth. to a place), lead, cause to go or move.
Ppl. triede, of egg yolks: beaten; of a substance: pounded or crushed.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1400 Trin-C O.9.39 Recipes (Trin-C O.9.39) 64/29 : Take out þy notemuges from þy bed straw and schrede hem with a scharp knyf..þanne take þe gynger tryed and schrede hit in the same manere with a knyfe.
  • Note: Supplementary material. ?Modify sense 1.(b) 'of ginger: ?finely ground'. Clarke suggests only that 'tryed' here = 'selected, choice'.