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tollen v.(1)
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(a) To draw (sb.), lead; attract (sb.); ppl. tolling, leading; (b) to beckon [quot. c1300, 3rd]; beguile (sb., a bird, an animal), lure, entice [sometimes difficult to distinguish from (a)]; also, beckon (sb.); ppl. tolling as adj.: enticing; (c) to draw forth (tears), bring forth; also, stretch out to (a number of yards) [last quot.; some vrr. may belong to tellen v. 17.(h)]; (d) to incite (sb. to do sth.), urge.
(a) To work, labor; also, pull (sb.), drag; ~ of, pull (sb.) down; (b) to tug playfully; (c) to mix (ingredients).
To sound (a peal), ring.