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tọ̄l n.(3)
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(a) A tool, an instrument, or implement for manual use; also, a tool or device for a specific trade, occupation, or purpose: a carpenter's tool, a winnowing fork, a carving knife, a shoemaker's last, etc.; also fig.;—also coll.; egge (egged) ~ [see egge-tol n. (b); kervinge ~; nail ~ [see nail n. 2.(e)]; werkinge ~; windwinge ~; (b) an instrument of torture; (c) a handheld weapon, such as a sword, an ax, a mace, etc.; also, a platform used as an instrument or apparatus of war [quot. 1459; cp. tote-hil(le n. (b)]; egge (egged) ~ [see egge-tol n. (a)]; (d) a sexual organ.