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tọ̄̆fōre(n prep.
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With ref. to position or location: (a) in front of (sb. or sth.), at the front part of, facing toward;—also with clause as object [quot. 1451]; (b) at a location closer to the observer than (sth.); (c) at a location ahead of (sb., a dog).
With ref. to motion or direction: ahead of (sb. or sth.), in advance of, preceding.
(a) In or into the presence of (sb., God); in the company of (sb.); also, into the midst of (persons) [some quots. could also be construed as sense 1.]; ~ face, into (God's) presence; ~ god, at church, at mass; (b) within sight of (sb.); also, within the spiritual sight of (sb.); ~ eie (face); ~ sighte, within (God's) purview; also, before the mind's eye.
(a) Before (God, sb.) for judgment, witnessing, or official action; (b) in the judgment of (God, sb., one's conscience), in the opinion of; also, to the understanding of (God) [3rd quot.]; ~ eien; ~ you self, in your own estimation; (c) in oaths and asseverations: god ~, before God.
(a) Earlier than (a particular time), prior to; before the time of (sb. or sth.); also in proverb [quot. c1450]; (b) ~ the honde, beforehand, earlier.
In advance of the arrival of (sb.); also, preceding (sth., an event); also, in advance as a model for (sb.).
To a greater degree than (sb. or sth., God), more than, above; in precedence over (sb. or sth.); better than (sb. or sth.).