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tīthing(e n.
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Note: Cp. tenthing ger. & tithe n.(2).
(a) A tenth part of something, ten percent; (b) one-tenth of one's goods, property, etc. given as a religious offering, a tithe; also, the goods or property so given; ~ makinge; (c) the act of offering one-tenth of one's goods or produce to the church; don ~; (d) the act of removing one-tenth of a group, decimating.
(a) An administrative division representing one-tenth of a hundred; also, a group of ten households; ~ daies, days on which a tithing court or the view of frankpledge was held; ~ man [OE tēoðung-mann], the administrative officer of a tithing; (b) in comb.: ~ peni, a tax or fee paid by a tithing.
Mistransl. of AF dedenzain citizen, based on a misconstruing of AF de)denzein as dizein(e section of ten men.