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tinder n.
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(a) Any flammable dry material, such as rags or fungal matter, used to start a fire, tinder; also, flammable oil or liquid; (b) as surname.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?a1475 Ludus C.(Vsp D.8)40/176 : Myn hert is on sondyr With a brod arwe I am ded and sclayn..Myn hert is all to tundyr; With þis brod arwe it is clovyn on twayn.
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    Note: MG
    Note: This supplement slip may be a better semantic fit under tender adj. Although there are no other forms under this adj. with -u-, tundyr is meant to rhyme with sondyr. In any case, the gloss ought to be queried.--per MLL