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tē̆nden v.(3)
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(a) To set (sth.) on fire, light, ignite; also fig.;—also without obj. [quot. a1450]; kindle (a fire); ~ up; ppl. tended, lighted; also, burning [quot. c1325]; fir-tended, ablaze; also fig.; (b) to consume (sth.) with fire, destroy; also fig.; ~ up; (c) to heat (sth.); ~ up; ppl. tended, heated, boiling; (d) to feed (fire), sustain; keep (a lamp) lit; also fig.; maintain heat in (sth.); (e) to burn; also, catch fire, become ignited; ~ to leie, burst into flame.
(a) To arouse (sb., someone's passions), incite, enflame; stir up (lust, strife, etc.); also, inspire (sb.); ~ up;ppl. tended, incited; (b) to be incensed, burn with rage; also, rage (against sb.).

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • ?a1425(c1400) Mandev.(1) (Tit C.16)46/3 : The brondes þat weren not kyndled nor tend becomen white roseres full of roses.
  • Note: Postdates sense 1.(b).--per REL