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swart adj.
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(a) Of the sky, a cloud, weather, water, etc.: dark or darkened; lowering, threatening; of the sun: dark, obscured; of darkness: heavy, thick; also in fig. context; ~ night, dark night; also fig.; (b) of a place: lacking illumination; also in fig. context; (c) of iron, pitch, linen, a dye, a humor, etc.: dark in color; also, black; also in fig. context; ~ smeked, blackened with smoke; (d) of fire, a flame: ?smoky, dark; ?reddish black; (e) of color: black; dark; also, glossing L sinopidus: ?dark red; ~ red (yelwe, blod-red), deep or dark red (yellow, etc.); (f) of a wound: discolored, black; of a part of the body: livid from being bruised or broken; (g) of the skin, complexion, etc.: dark-colored, swarthy; black; also fig.; livid from suffering [quot. a1400]; wan, pallid [quot. ?a1439]; also, as noun: a swarthy person; -- used fig.; (h) wicked, evil; (i) ~ wroth, very angry; (j) error for quert(e adj.; (k) in surnames and place names [see Smith PNElem.2.171].