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swalperen v.
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(a) To struggle in the water, splash about; (b) ben swalpird, of bodily humors: to be disturbed, be disordered.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1425 Interpol.Rolle Ps.(1) (Trin-C B.5.25) 687/176 : Siþ noon ben so inobedient to Crist ne rebellous aȝens his lawe as ben þoo þat shulden aftir her double ooþ putten hem forþ to þe meynteynyng þerof, þerfore noon bifore hem ne more plenteuously þan þei, shulen drynke þise swalpred dregges.
  • Note: Editor: "swalpred: the word only occurs here in the commentary. MED swalperen v. suggesting a MDu origin, gives only two instances and no sense that is really appropriate here. The sense is shown by the equivalent in 171 troubled dregges, i.e. here murky and turbulent."
    Note: Editor's glossary: "swalpred pa. p. adj. 'murky'."
Note: New sense, ?perh. modify sense (b).