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suppōsen v.
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Note: Cp. susposen v.
(a) To believe (sth.), think; believe (sb., oneself) to be (one's father, fortunate, etc.); believe (oneself) able (to do sth.), think (a fester to act in a certain way); believe (sth.) to be (true, etc.); ppl. supposedas adj.: thought to exist; (b) with inf. as obj.: to believe oneself (to have done sth., to have deserved sth.); (c) with clause as obj.: to hold the opinion (that sth. is so, that sb. did sth., etc.), believe, think; -- also impers.; also without obj. in negative response to a question [quot. c1475 Wisd.]; (d) to hold an opinion, believe; -- also impers.; chiefly in clauses and inf. phrases used parenthetically; as ich suppose, as men supposed, as is supposed, etc.; ~ amis of, think ill of (oneself).
(a) To take (sth.) for granted, be sure of, assume; assume (sb. to be sth.); assume (that sth. is so, that sb. will do sth., etc.); presume (to do sth.); (b) to anticipate (sth.), expect; expect (to do sth., to be sth.); expect (that sth. will occur); ?also, intend (to do sth.) [last quot.]; ~ of, have expectation of (sth.), expect; hit is to ~, it is likely (that sth. will occur); (c) to posit (sth., that sth. is so), hypothesize, conjecture, guess; apprehend (what sb. or sth. means); (d) to estimate (a quantity, a number); also glossing L æstimare; (e) to hope (to do sth., have sth. done); also glossing L sperare.
(a) To suspect (sth., that sth. is so); ~ to, have suspicion of (sb.), suspect; also, attribute (treachery) to (sb.), suspect (sb.) of (treachery); (b) to allege (sth., that sth. is so); (c) to speak deceptively, feign.
(a) To support (sth.), place support under (sth.); -- glossing L supponere; also, put (sth.) in position, place; -- used fig.; ppl. supposinge, substituting (sth.); also, ?going below the surface [last quot.]; (b) ppl. supposed, med. of a regimen, course of treatment: put in place, applied; -- translating the L abl.absol.

Supplemental Materials (draft)

  • a1475 Sidrak & B.(LdMisc 559)642/9815 : The rede supposeth [Lnsd: signifieth] regalte And is hewe of grete dignite.
Note: Burton glosses as 'imply' (OED suppose v., sense 10.)